Humphreys Peak, AZ (12,633ft.) 6/10/09

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Humphreys Peak, AZ (12,633ft.) 6/10/09

Humphreys Peak,AZ

Starting my hike at 600 am at Humphreys trailhead located in the Arizona Snowbowl.the sun is already up but the temperature is still in the 40’s, the trail started very steep making it hard to get a good pace. As the elevation increases, the trailside vegetation shows more and more evidence of the extreme harshness of this environment. Near the tree line what’s left the forest consist entirely of bristlecone pines beat and twisted by wind and frost. These hardy trees manage to live one of the longest lives on earth in one of the planet’s most inhospitable environments. Above the tree line 11,600 ft., the trail gets steeper, I am completely exposed to whims of nature. Its getting colder and wind gusts to about 20 to 25 mph. One you do reach the summit ridge you feel like you are standing on the top of the world. Made it to the top in 2hrs 45 min. breaking my 3 hrs. mark. The view from the summit was unbeliveable in the distance, the grand Canyon, the painted desert, the mesas that are home to the Hopi Indians, the Verde Valley and Oak Creek Canyon forming a 360 deg. panorama. An after I’ve seeing it I can now say I have been as high as you can get in Arizona. What next on my Agenda ???!!!!
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