About Me

Live Fast, Take Chances

My name is Enrique Laureano, born and raised in the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico.

I graduated from Jose Gautier Benitez High School in 1988. I started in the casino business in Puerto Rico in 1992 from there I moved to the United States to continue in the casino industry and better my way of life. 

In the last few years I have dedicated myself to climbing. I have climbed many of the Highest peaks in the United States as well as International.

I have a Dream! My goal is to conquer the seven summits (the highest peak of every continent) when I accomplish my goal I will place myself as well as Puerto Rico number one in the climbing world. I want to relay my thoughts to the world, about my feelings and experiences from the most amazing mountains in the world. I believe that all Puerto Ricans would follow my journey with great enthusiasm, but it would be of great interest to many people around the world. My idea is to become a part of history for my Island and to set examples for the youth of the world, to show them that their dreams can come true just as mine have, in life nothing is impossible you just have to open your mind to the world, have great will power and a positive attitude.

I have been studying about the seven highest mountains of the world, this experience is not just about climbing a mountain it’s about learning others cultures, languages plus different styles of life. To achieve my goal I am dedicating myself to training and locating financial assistance for each expedition.

I am directing my ideas to people and companies may be interested in helping me obtain a new record for Puerto Rico.