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Live Fast, Take Chances

Cumberland Falls & Twin Arches Hike 3/21/11

Cumberland Falls (moonbow) Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Southeastern Kentucky, Cumberland Falls State Park is on the Cumberland River, 18 miles southwest of Corbin, with the waterfall bordering Whitley and McCreary Counties. The outstanding natural feature of the park is Cumberland Falls, World famous for its moonbow. The 125 foot wide waterfall…
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Niagara Falls, CA 5/10/2010

A Brief History of the Falls Ice Age History of the Niagara River and Whirlpool Rapids The Niagara River, as is the entire Great Lakes Basin of which the river is an integral part, is a legacy of the last Ice Age. 18,000 years ago southern Ontario was covered by ice sheets 2-3 kilometers thick.…
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Great Smoky Mountains – Abrams Falls & Rocky Top

Smoky Mountains Ridge upon ridge of forest straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. World renowned for its diversity of plant and animal life, the beauty of its ancient mountains, and the quality of its remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture, this is America‚Äôs most visited national park.…
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