Wheeler Peak, New Mexico (13,161 ft.)

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Wheeler Peak, New Mexico (13,161 ft.)

Wheeler Peak, NM 13,161ft (Highest Peak in New Mexico)and Walter Peak, NM 13,141 ft ( 2nd highest in New Mexico)
Before I even start,this this one has been one of the most pleasant trips I have ever been on. Meeting my friends Joe & Carol in Alburquerque at the airport. Instantly I knew it was gonna be a great trip. Joe decide drive to Taos, NM our base camp for that night at the Taos ski valley lodge 100 feet away from the trailhead. Already 9,200ft high I’m trying to keep myself hydrated and relaxed to assimilate the aclimitation process easier. We have a good dinner, check the weather and everything was going like we planned. About 8:30 pm really tired from the long day of traveling, I went to bed. At 5:30am I was up preparing all gear necessary for our 16 miles hike to the top of New Mexico. A little bit cool that morning but after the first two steep and rocky miles we already taking layers off. The rest of the trail was going up, but the view and conversations about all the good and bad hiking experiences from Joe & Carol make you forget how high you are and how much longer it is going to take you to get to the summit of Wheeler Peak. Angelique (Joe & Carol ‘s dog) a great companion too, always on the trail, no leash- it was like she knew the trail and where we were going. I tried my best to make her my friend but, every time, I got close to pet her Carol was throwing jealous looks our way. At 11,600ft we have the first look of Wheeler peak but not that easy, we need to drop about 250 ft in elevation and gain back in a bunch of switchbacks taking us to the tree line. After this almost at the top of Mt. Walter Peak 13,141 ft ( 2nd highest) is where you really get connected to the mother nature, no matter where you look -it’s like watching a Panorama Picture with the best resolution possible. We made it to the top of Wheeler Peak (highest peak in New Mexico) in three hours forty seven minutes. Clear sky, no clouds, no wind, perfect weather to take all my summit pictures. We spend about 30 minutes at the top for lunch, the clouds start to roll in, that means it’s time to pack up and go. The rest of this trip was a great learning experience about Art, Native American culture, and a whole knew way of life. The best part of this trip is the memories made and the fun with my good friends Joe and Carol.
Enjoy the Pic’s…

Wheeler Peak,NM 13,161 ft


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